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Your Place

Everyone has their three places: 


1. Home 

2. Office 

3. "Third Place."


For some it's a bar, for others a movie theatre or maybe even a favorite park bench but for us, it's right here. 


Our goal is to be your "Third Place." We have thoughtfully  created an environment where you can feel at home, be yourself, relax with friends, close that deal, or kick back and recharge with our carefully crafted drinks. 

We're raising the bar for coffee shops everywhere starting in Boca Raton, Florida and we can't wait to see you soon. 

The difference


"Good" coffee isn't good enough for us.


At The Third Place, we believe that every sip should awaken your senses, and take you to your happy place. That's why we use Onyx Coffee Lab geometry blend in every cup of drip coffee. This blend is best described with having taste notes of berries, sweet lemon, honey, and is as smooth as silk. 

Our espresso drinks are carefully crafted with precise measurements of the highest quality beans from around the world.


We guarantee you'll love every cup, every sip, every time. 


that cares

When you sip from our cups, you can sleep better at night. 

We put our employees, their families, and our collective community first. We wanted to do things differently. Providing our employees with a competitive salary is the least we can do for all the passion they put into their craft.


Serving the community is our goal. We look forward to sharing the after-hours open mic nights, the fundraisers, the youth events, the celebrations, and more with you and your loved ones. 

Welcome to the family! 


"We the people strive to be the Third Place for the community, by the community."

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