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Who Are we

Welcome to Third Place Coffee Lounge in Boca Raton, your premier destination for specialty coffee and a vibrant community atmosphere. Founded by Elijah Gourgue, an FAU graduate passionate about business, community, and creative expression, Third Place Coffee Lounge offers an unparalleled coffee experience that combines quality, sustainability, and a sense of belonging.

As a specialty coffee shop, we pride ourselves on sourcing the finest beans from around the world, ensuring fair trade practices and sustainable methods. Our expert baristas meticulously grind and brew each cup, delivering an exceptional flavor that will satisfy even the most discerning coffee connoisseurs.

In addition to serving exceptional coffee, we foster a vibrant community through a range of events. From open mic nights and art exhibitions to book clubs and workshops, there's always something happening at Third Place Coffee Lounge. We are proud to support local talent and provide a platform for artistic expression to flourish.

Step into our thoughtfully designed coffee lounge, featuring modern aesthetics and cozy seating areas, perfect for relaxing or engaging in meaningful conversations. Whether you're seeking solitude for introspection or a dynamic space for collaboration, Third Place Coffee Lounge provides the ideal environment.

Our dedicated team of highly trained baristas are passionate about guiding you through our extensive menu, ensuring a personalized coffee journey that suits your taste preferences. From single-origin pour-overs to velvety lattes and specialty espresso-based beverages, our baristas are committed to crafting the perfect cup just for you. In a hurry? We've got you covered with our Order Ahead feature to beat the line and stay on time.

As a local business, we are deeply connected to the Boca Raton community. We actively collaborate with local artists, musicians, and organizations, infusing our space with the vibrant spirit of the city. Furthermore, we believe in giving back, and a portion of our proceeds goes towards supporting local charitable initiatives and sustainability projects.

Experience the richness of our specialty coffees, immerse yourself in a welcoming community, and indulge your creative side at Third Place Coffee Lounge. Whether you're seeking a tranquil morning retreat, a productive work environment, or an inspiring setting for connection, we are your "Third Place" in Boca Raton—a haven where coffee, community, and creative expression converge harmoniously. Visit us today and join the Third Place Coffee Lounge experience!


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